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Family members needed for survey to enhance tool that helps individuals with schizophrenia

December 19, 2013

Image courtesy of smarnad / FreeDigitalPhotos.NetThe Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) Schizophrenia Division is looking for families to participate in a survey that tests the usefulness of a family-centred approach when dealing with the cognitive impacts of schizophrenia.

This survey is done to create a family member version of CAMH’s Cognitive Adaptive Training (CAT) tool. CAT is an intervention tool that helps individuals compensate for the cognitive problems associated with schizophrenia so that they can function more independently. CAT strategies use environmental supports that are integrated into the routines and living spaces of persons with schizophrenia. They include a range of tools such as signs, reminders and new ways of organizing the living environment to get around problems that involve thinking and motivation.

With the help of its family participants, CAMH’s new Family-CAT tool will be able to assist individuals with schizophrenia and their family without the need to consult a mental health professional. The Family- CAT tool will come in the form of a manual and DVD.

The criteria for taking part in this research study are:

  • At least one family member is actively involved in supporting an individual with schizophrenia and is willing and able to put in place CAT strategies in that individual’s home environment.
  • Both the family member and the individual with schizophrenia they are supporting agree to take part in the study.
  • Both the family member and the individual with schizophrenia that they are supporting speak conversational English and would be able to complete surveys over the phone.
  • Families reside in Ontario.

Both the family member and the individual with schizophrenia who take part in the interviews will be compensated for their time. Participants will either receive the Family CAT manual right away or get a copy of it in about four months.

Families who are interested in participating in the research study and want more information can contact or Nick Kerman, CAMH at 416-535-8501 ext. 36563.

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