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Mental Health Week 2014: It’s time to talk about mental health

May 8, 2014


More than two dozen staff volunteers from CMHA Ontario and CMHA Toronto hit the streets of downtown Toronto to kick off Mental Health Week (MHW) and encourage people to think about the importance of their mental health


The volunteers, including CMHA Ontario CEO Camille Quenneville and CMHA Toronto Executive Director Steve Lurie, handed out postcards that contain mental health tips. On the postcard was a question that CMHA wants people to ask themselves this week is, “are you fine or phine?” “Phine” is a new word CMHA introduced to commemorate MHW and its definition is, “saying you’re fine when you are not.”IMG_1478

Canadians can tell CMHA how they really feel by participating in a live poll at The results will show how many of us are truly fine versus how many of us are just saying “phine.”

“We need to start thinking about our mental health the way we do with our physical health. But unfortunately, many people feel they can’t do that. MHW is about eliminating stigma and discrimination while raising awareness and creating a conversation about mental health,” said Camille Quenneville, CEO, CMHA Ontario.

Please visit the following links if you are interested in other activities for MHW

Special thanks to T-shirt Printing Toronto and Mondelez International for their support in making the launch event happen.


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