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Older adults and addictions in Ontario

March 13, 2014

There is unprecedented growth in the number and proportion of elderly. Census data for 2011 showed there were 5 million older adults in Canada, or 14.8 percent of the population. In 2036 there will likely be 9.8 million seniors, or 24.5 percent of population.

Many older adults are now accessing addiction treatment services in mainstream addiction agencies. And these individuals often need specialized services. But do service agencies have the capacity to meet the demand?

A new report — developed by the Addictions Subgroup of the Community of Practice for Mental Health, Addictions and Behavioural Issues — seeks to answer that question. EENet developed a Research Report Round-up of the report, “Older Adults and Addictions in Ontario: Results from a Provincial Survey of Community Mental Health Agencies.”

You can read this Research Report Round-up on the EENet website.

Research Report Round-ups are brief summaries of research reports, presented in a user-friendly format. To read other EENet clear language products, visit

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