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Ontario launches first provincial immigration strategy

November 19, 2012

On November 5, 2012, the Government of Ontario launched the province’s first immigration strategy. With the strategy, the provincial government seeks to increase its role in making immigration decisions that impact the province socially and economically.

Three major objectives are introduced in the strategy:

  1. Attracting a skilled workforce and growing a stronger economy
  2. Helping newcomers and their families achieve success
  3. Leveraging the global connections of our diverse communities.

Select targets include:

  • Raising the proportion of economic immigrations from 52 per cent to 70 per cent
  • Requesting a doubling of the Provincial Nominee Program limit
  • Achieving employment and income rates that are in line with those of other Ontarians
  • Maximize potential, and use of, temporary foreign workers and international students
  • Increase resources for employers to welcome and recruit immigrant employees
  • Achieve 5 per cent Francophone immigration
  • Increase number of immigrants licensed in their profession

The strategy does not address health.

For more information and to read “A New Direction: Ontario’s Immigration Strategy,” visit the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration website.

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