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Progress Report: Action Plan for Mental Health in New Brunswick 2011-2018

May 30, 2013

The government of New Brunswick recently released a progress report on their “Action Plan for Mental Health 2011-2018.” The progress report describes measures implemented during the first two years of the action plan.

The seven goals of the action plan include: transforming service delivery through collaboration; realizing potential through an individualized approach; responding to diversity; collaborating and belonging (family, workplace and community); enhancing knowledge; reducing stigma by enhancing awareness; and improving the mental health of the population.

The status of each action item is described through an “all-of-government” and cross-sectoral approach. Here are some examples of the progress made to date:

  • After a review of New Brunswick’s community-based mental health centres, program delivery is moving toward a recovery model of care using multidisciplinary teams;
  • Early psychosis services guidelines have been produced in French and English;
  • The Department of Education and Early Childhood Education has offered various resources to the school districts so they can make their staff more aware of mental illness.

Read the “Progress Report: The Action Plan for Mental Health in New Brunswick 2011-2018” available on the Government of New Brunswick website.

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