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Research Report Round-up: Brief mental health services for children and youth

March 21, 2013

Ontario’s child and youth mental health sector is made up of a fragmented array of services and supports. There is a need to address the problems of this patchwork of services as well as current service gaps, a growing need for services, and long wait lists.

In this Research Report Round-up, EENet looks at a report prepared by theOntario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, that outlines the current knowledge and literature about brief services including current known practice in Ontario, and presents recommendations relating to sectors, training, funding, collaboration, and evaluation.

Read the report, “No more, no less: Brief mental health services for children and youth” and check out other Research Report Round-ups by clicking here.

Research Report Round-ups are brief summaries of research reports, presented in a user-friendly format. To read EENet’s clear language summaries of other research reports, visit

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