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Research Report Round-up: The Real Cost of Homelessness

May 30, 2013

Relying on emergency programs to help the homeless is expensive. A report by the Homeless Hub tries to answer the following questions: Do the current expenditures to provide emergency services to homeless individuals make sense? What is the best way to deal with homelessness in Canada? Could we actually save money by housing people and preventing them from becoming homeless in the first place, rather than letting them continue to use emergency shelters and day programs?

To read more about this issue, check out EENet’s Research Report Round-up of the report, “The real cost of homelessness: Can we save money by doing the right thing?” You can read the Research Report Round-up on the EENet website.

Research Report Round-ups are brief summaries of research reports, presented in a user-friendly format. To read EENet’s clear-language summaries of these reports, and others, visit

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