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Research Snapshot: Differences in health outcomes and behaviours for gay, bisexual and heterosexual men

November 17, 2011

Previous studies have suggested that gay and bisexual men may be at a higher risk for a variety of health problems, compared to heterosexual men.

Researchers at the University of Toronto and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health investigated men’s health risk behaviours, and physical and mental health in relation to their sexual orientation. They found that, compared with heterosexual men, gay and bisexual men:

  • Had more mood/anxiety disorders
  • Had considered suicide more often
  • Were less likely to be overweight
  • Did not have higher rates of daily tobacco use or risky alcohol use

EENet has developed a Research Snapshot of the article, D. Brennan, et al. “Men’s sexual orientation and health in Canada”, Canadian Journal of Public Health, 2010 May-Jun; 101(3):255-8, available

Research Snapshots are brief, clear language summaries of research articles presented in a user-friendly format. To read EENet’s clear language summary of this and other articles, visit the EENet website

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