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Spring 2000: Let’s Shed Some Light on Mental Health Issues – And Get Rid of Stigma

April 3, 2000

IN THIS ISSUE: Internalized Stigma: One Person’s Battle – Creating Accepting Communities – The Role the Media Plays.


In This Issue

Editorial: Unmasking Mental Illness

Stigma: The Dark Shadow of Oppression

What is the effect of stigma on the lives of those who live in its shadow?

Internalized Stigma: One Person’s Battle<

How society’s picture of you affects your own belief about yourself and your abilities.

Creating Accepting Communities

Mental health service users speak out on their experiences of exclusion in the community.

Changing Attitudes Through Education

Replacing the myth with reality, education plays a key role.

Welcome to Hollywood

An examination of how the images of mental illness presented to us through the media affect our attitudes and behaviour.

Ten Ways to Fight Stigma

Violence: Challenging the Stereotypes
The harmful images of mental illness that are so pervasive in mass media call strongly for change.

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