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Spring 2003: Primary Care – Building a Better Umbrella

April 12, 2003


IN THIS ISSUE: Primary Care Reform – Building a Better Umbrella – Defining the Needs – Innovations in Shared Care – Building the Lines of Communication – The Role of the Nurse Practitioner


Vol. 19, No. 1

In This Issue

Editorial: Primary Care Reform

Primary Care: Building a Better Umbrella

Does our current health system discriminate against those people who most need it?

Primary Care: Defining the Needs

Lynne Raskin, Executive Director of the South Riverdale Community Health Centre, explains how we are ‘falling short’ when it comes to primary care for patients with mental health problems.

Primary Care: Innovations in Shared Care

Dr. Ty Turner, Chief of Psychiatry and Medical Program Director at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, organized the first national conference on Shared Mental Health Care. He talks about the role that shared care is playing at the primary care level.

Primary Care: Building the Lines of Communication

Targetting the breakdown in communication between family physicians and psychiatrists is part of what is making the Collaborative Mental Health Network program so successful for both patients and doctors.

Primary Care: The Role of the Nurse Practitioner

Working out of the CMHA, Windsor-Essex Branch Clinic, Bonnie Myslik, NP, is providing primary care services for more than 800 clients.


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