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Summer 1999: Mental Health Reform

June 11, 1999

15 years ago the countdown toward mental health reform began. Is it launch time for a new era of much needed reform in Ontario?

IN THIS ISSUE: Looking Back – Moving Forward, Mental Health Reform – Mental Health Legislative Review – Who are the Drivers of Mental Health Reform?


Vol. 15, No. 2

In This Issue

Editorial: Dear Premier…

Looking Back – Moving Forward

People have been talking about reform for 15 years – where have we come from and where are we headed?

An Incomplete Framework

The current legislative framework for services for people with serious mental disorders is fragmented and incomplete. Public consultations are being conducted to see whether changes to legislation are recommended to support the mental health reform Implementation Plan.

Taking the Next Step

Making It Happen is the implementation plan for the reformed mental health system. The CMHA, Ontario Division responds to this document produced by the Integrated Policy and Planning Division of the Ministry of Health.

Who Is in the Driver’s Seat?

Glenn Thompson, Executive Director, CMHA, Ontario Division looks at the forces which are driving mental health reform.

Clearing Away the Cobwebs

Mr. Michael Bay, Chair and Executive officer of the Consent and Capacity Board has said that ‘without education, mental health law is a cruel joke and a horrible waste of time and money.’  In what he terms ‘the road show,’ he is taking education on mental health law to towns and communities across Ontario speaking to health professionals, family and consumer groups, and police personnel.

Social Policy

Trends in mental health expenditures.


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