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Winter 2001: Seeking the Right Direction towards Physical and Mental Health

January 1, 2001

IN THIS ISSUE: Beyond the Dark Kingdom – Becoming Whole: Beyond the Physical – The Team Approach – Depression in the Medically Ill: An Integrated Approach – 2001: The International Year of Volunteers.


Editorial: Meeting the Challenge

Beyond the Dark Kingdom
Depression in the medically ill – is the health care profession providing the support and care necessary to meet patients’ psychological needs?

Becoming Whole: Beyond the Physical
Patricia Van Tighem barely survived a vicious attack by a grizzly bear, but it was the emotional trauma that left the deepest scars.

The Team Approach
For Monica Wright Roberts it was the ‘team approach’ that sustained her through the darkest times that she experienced while fighting cancer.

An Integrated Approach
The fact that many health professionals do not identify, treat or refer depressed medical patients for psychiatric assessment forms the basis of Dr. Gary Rodin’s research.

2001 – The International Year of Volunteers


Sweet Support

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