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Winter 2005: Cops, Courts and Compassion

February 1, 2005

network2005203cover Seeking Justice for the Mentally Ill

IN THIS ISSUE: Criminalization and Mental Illness – The Girl with the Curl on Her Forehead – Crisis Call – Out of the Darkness – Inside Courtroom 102 – Fighting Fires – Partnering with Police – Busting the Stigma – Youth Justice.


Editorial: Criminalization and Mental Illness

The Girl with the Curl on Her Forehead

A father talks candidly about his journey with his daughter through the criminal justice system

Crisis Call

Documentary filmmaker Laura Sky steps out from behind the camera to talk about community change

Out of the Darkness

Closing the book and opening the heart at Toronto’s Mental Health Court

Inside Courtroom 102 [see PDF for photos]

Photographer Susan King captures the faces of justice at Toronto’s Mental Health Court

Fighting Fires

A day in the life of a CMHA mental health court support worker

Partnering with Police

The Chatham-Kent HELP Team unites police and mental health workers

Busting the Stigma

Does police compassion toward people with mental illness extend to fellow members of the force?

Youth Justice

Keeping kids out of jail is a full-time job for youth court worker Natalie St. John

Re: Cover
Henry “Banger” Benvenuti, Polyphemus, Galatea and Acis (oil on canvas, 5′ x 6′). Reproduced by permission. One of nine original paintings, by various artists, inspired by stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Commissioned by the Workman Theatre Project, in partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, for the exhibition “From Myth to Muse.” For details, see

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