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Place a Phone Call to a Decision-Maker

Why a Telephone Call?

At times it is necessary to reach a decision-maker quickly, particularly if they are about to make an important decision or if an urgent issue has come up that requires immediate action. That’s the time to make a telephone call. You may not be able to speak directly to the decision-maker, but if the issue is urgent, your call will often have an impact.

If you are calling a political representative (MP, MPP, city councillor), be sure to tell them where you live. This identifies you as their constituent, which means that they are in government to represent you. They are interested in hearing from their constituents.

What to Say

Always limit your telephone call to one subject. Be brief and be specific. Let the decision-maker or the staff person you are speaking to know why you’re calling, stating the action you would like the decision-maker to take on the issue, and asking where the decision-maker stands on the issue.

Regardless of where the decision-maker stands on an issue, be courteous. If the decision-maker does not support your issue, let him or her know you’re disappointed. If the office does not know officially where the decision-maker stands on the issue, be sure to ask for a written response.