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Help us build a caring community. Volunteer for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Volunteers are people who donate their time to help out and make a difference in their community. Give the gift of yourself, your time, your effort, and discover the benefits of volunteering.

The Need for Volunteers

As mental, social and behavioural health problems increase throughout our society, help is needed now more than ever. Come and grow with us as we work for Ontario’s mental health.

If you’ve ever wondered about the value of supporting CMHA, consider these facts:

  • 1 in 5 people in Ontario will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime
  • 1 in 8 Canadians will have a condition serious enough to receive hospital care
  • Canada’s suicide rate of children and youth under 21 is among the highest in the world

For more information, see Mental Health Conditions.

Our vision at CMHA is “mentally healthy people in a healthy society.”  Find out more about our Mission, Vision and Values.

Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

Who Can Become a Volunteer?

Adults and teens, students, working professionals, homemakers, retirees, the unemployed preparing to return to the workplace, and anyone interested in mental health issues. Anyone can volunteer.

Why be a volunteer?

Volunteering is an opportunity to

  • Meet new people
  • Put your skills to good use
  • Learn new skills
  • Make a difference
  • Add valuable experience to your resumé
  • Help your recovery

What kind of volunteer work does CMHA offer?

You can help us in

  • Fundraising
  • Special events
  • Office support
  • Research and library work
  • Public education
  • Board and committee work

How much time is required?

It’s up to you. Some volunteers donate a few hours each week or each month. Some volunteer for specific projects at select times during the year. The amount of time needed has a lot to do with the kind of volunteer work you choose.